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Re: huge lists

On 22 Oct 1998 16:38:50 -0500, john@dhh.gt.org wrote:

>Steve Lamb writes:
>> You have a connection now, obviously, else you wouldn't be writing to me,
>> correct?

>> Shell provider.

>> Telnet.

>And a monthly fee for the shell provider in addition to that for the ISP.

    Right.  Can we maintain some history on this?  I don't believe you're
that dense.

>But when did I ever say I wanted a shell account?  I merely observed that
>I and many others had no choice of ISP's.  A shell account accessible only
>over the net would solve none of the problems I have with BrightNet.

    This thread started with someone complaining about how unmanagable
(meaning costly, lord knows how that happened) the lists were.  I suggested
filtering.  Someone else piped up that server-side filtering isn't always an
option because they don't have access to the server.  I said to change.  You
pointed out that people didn't have much of an option.

    So the point is this:  You *DO* have an option.  *IF* you were paying per
minute charges and if the lists got to a point where it was getting quite
costly to get them all *AND* you didn't have access to a local ISP that
offers shells for server-side filtering you can always get an account at a
shell provider.  That, by its very nature, gives you a shell, which gives you
server-side filtering.  

    See the train of thought yet?  The final part is this.  Is it worth it to
the individual to pay extra for a shell from a shell provider to have server
side filtering.  Well, if they can reduce their phone bill by, say,
$20/month, doesn't it make sense to pay $11.95 to a shell provider, filter,
and save $8.05/month?  Maybe not.  But what if the reduction were $50?  $100?

    There are ALWAYS options.  You may not LIKE them, or may not see the
value in them, but they are there.  Even for people stuck out in BFW.

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