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Re: http://www.de.debian.org/Bugs out of date

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 10:53:46AM +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hello,
> isn't there any relieable mirroring system to keep the bug database
> up to date?  The German mirror is more than one week old.
To spread out the net load the Debian web pages and archive use different
machines for their primary mirror. Unfortunately, the one the web pages uses
is not the most reliable. There is a shortage of machines with good
connectivity so we can't just switch machines.

I have contacted the maintainer of www.de.debian.org and he should be switching
the machine it mirrors from. Also, we are working on using a different
setup for mirroring which will spread out the load more and be much more

Jay Treacy

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