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Re: root disk

On Thu, Oct 22, 1998 at 12:05:02AM -0400, Avery Pennarun wrote:
> Yes, we should have plip on the boot disks.  Don't we already? (I honestly
> don't know.) _All_ kernel modules should be accessible before we install the
> base system, I would think.  You need at least all the disk drivers and
> filesystems to support all possible configurations...

All kernel modules are accessible before the "Install the Base System"
step. They are compiled in the default kernel or they are installed from
the "drivers" floppy.
> As far as PPP goes... well, a tar.gz of pppd, wvdial, and wvdialconf (my
> personal favourite way to connect :)) is 123k.  Pretty hefty for a 1440k
> floppy.  wvdial+wvdialconf would be half the size if it weren't for @$!@#!@#
> egcs, but that's another story.

I was thinking about pppd and pppconfig (72K).
> I don't think ppp on the boot disks will get you too far, though.  You'll
> need to add at _least_ the ftp command to make that useful, and I'm almost
> certain there'll be no room for that.  Yes, NFS will work, but find me an
> anonymous NFS Debian mirror if you dare :)

Many places have local NFS servers. Many of them have Debian mirrors.
Also, there's no need for a fully functional ftp client. netcat can fetch
base2_1.tgz via HTTP.
> P.S. by the way, are me moving toward initrd yet?  All those unused drivers
> in the default kernel worry me...

I've been playing with that, but haven't talked to Herbert Xu yet.

Enrique Zanardi					   ezanardi@ull.es

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