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Re: huge lists

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 14:35:22 -0700, Joseph Carter wrote:

>Living in Northern California, United States I can tell you that most access
>is PPP, POP3, dynamic IP, unlimited access*, and if you try to access shell
>on the unix-based ISPs you will LOSE your access real fast.  And of course
>the NT based ones you can't even access a shell.

>No, it's not "that simple" even here.

    Care to try again.  Let's see, off the top of my head in my location: 
CalWeb.com, NS.Net, Mother.com, Quiknet.com, JPS.net (they're national).  All
of those offer PPP accounts for $9.99/month up to $24.95/month, most, if not
all, offer shell access upon request.  I'd consider that reasonable, wouldn't

    Note: I work for one, have accounts at two others (one non-dedicated, one
dedicated), friends of mine founded a third and the fourth is a competitor. 
I'm not even hitting the web where I can quote about another 10 more, all of
which service Northern California.  I also *KNOW* that most major
metropolotian areas across the US have similar access options.  More and more
lesser metro areas (IE, 60k-300k people in a town as opposed to 3mil that
Sacramento has) have 2-3.  You just have to *LOOK*.

    I will admit I don't know about the european connections, but there are
options.  How about a Yahoo search for "shell" and "access."  Turns up 115
responses, one of which is a national US provider for $11.95/month.  So if
the lists are *REALLY* costing that much, pipe that money into a shell
account there, have the mail go there, get filters going, viola.

    Look, my statement may have been rash but it isn't this monumental faux
pas that isn't without merit.  Again, I state clearly that it is up to the
individual to find a reasonable alternative for themselves instead of just
blindly gripe and moan.

    And hell, if there is enough demand, we are running Debian, Debian is
capable of being used as a server (hard to believe, I know, but it is true)
so why not have one of those people out there put up a connection for shell
users?  Obviously there is a demand.  FILL IT!  

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