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Re: intent to package: lxdoom

On Wed, Oct 21, 1998 at 01:44:17AM -0700, Joey Hess wrote:
> > > Switching to lxdoom will also get svgalib doom working again. We will lose a
> > > few non-standard enhancements to dosdoom (jumping, user definable gravity). 
> > > I don't feel those few missing features in lxdoom are enough to keep a 
> > > dosdoom package around.
> > 
> > Svgalib?  Cool, but now I have to ask:
> > 
> > Can lxdoom use dehacked patches?
> Not sure what these are.

People discovered that if you hacked numbers in the DOOM.EXE under dos you
could do cool things like make it so when the shotgun guy dies he doesn't
drop a shotgun, but instead drops ... a thing that exists but can't be
picked up and will after a short time become another shotgun guy with noclip
and invis that is a lot harder to kill..  Ie, a ghost.

There was the cheater's favorite patch, the "super shotgun"...  Who needs
double barrels when the recover time from the shot almost instant?  Of
course, you start with 50 bullets and they can be used in a matter of a few
seconds...  hmm, what to do about that?  Whelp, pick up a box of bullets and
you'll have "000" never need bullets again.  Fun to stand in the middle of
one of the large arena wads with a rocket launcher, hold the run key and
just spin holding fire...  You spray rockets like you're using an uzi.

Take that superweapon patch and go into a you vs. an army wad with the army
all having deaf attribute..  You get a few seconds before they realize
you're there, and you can just plow them over..  Cheap entertainment and
great stress relief after a long day at work or whatever.  =>

> > Does it support audio?
> Yes. It has a sound server, and should have music sever support sometime
> today (I've been working with the upstream maintainer on that.)

Here's hoping!

> > Got an upstream URL?
> I think it was in the original message, but http://lxdoom.linuxgames.com/

No, but it was in the first reply I got, thanks.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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