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Re: Help me setup dynamic DNS server address.

john@dhh.gt.org wrote:
> Yes, but I would still like to support this 'dynamic' assignment of
> nameservers transparently.  I could call nslookup from pppconfig, but that
> seems like a kludge and will lead to mysterious failures if the ISP ever
> does change nameservers.  I have neither Win95 nor an isp who uses 'dynamic
> DNS'.  Does anyone out there know how it works?

Not really, but knowing the evil empire, it's probably something that
can be added to ppp once the specifics are published somewhere.  In
either case, the easiest way that I can think of to get around the whole
thing is to pick a nameserver that's outside of your ISP's domain that
isn't bound to change and use that.  Then, if you need something that's
specific to your ISP, then you can always reassign it manually (doubt
you'll need to do this).

FYI, our nameservers die around here quite often, so I frequently find
myself in a similar situation.  I've since used either root nameservers
or uu.net's main dns (which never seems to die).


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