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Re: huge lists

Buddha Buck wrote:

> But I do have the problem that I -can't- use server-side filtering.  
> I know some ISP's that are using Macintoshes or NT boxes for their 
> servers.  Do you have any client-side solutions for them? procmail 
> won't work, as far as I know.

Client side?  I get my mail from an NT server, use fetchmail for retrieve
it to a Debian box and use procmail on the client side to filter it.

Note: I used to get mail directly to my Debian box, but now I'm forced to
get it from an NT server because Debian 1.3's sendmail allowed mail
relaying by default and I was not aware of the potential for abuse; too bad
I wasn't using RedHat!  As far as I know, Debian's default sendmail
configuration still allows this big hole, so beware if you use it.
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