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Re: intent to package: lxdoom

On Tue, 20 Oct, 1998, Joey Hess wrote:
> Lxdoom is a version of doom for linux. I intend to package it in the next
> few days, for inclusion into woody (or whatever we name it).
> I'm currently planning for it to replace the doom package we have now. That
> package is based on dosdoom, and the newer versions of it's upstream source
> build on dos only, which is the main reason I'm switching to lxdoom.
> Switching to lxdoom will also get svgalib doom working again. We will lose a
> few non-standard enhancements to dosdoom (jumping, user definable gravity). 
> I don't feel those few missing features in lxdoom are enough to keep a 
> dosdoom package around.

can't we have both, i mean at least make it orphaned, we had xdoom and sdoom
packages but they disappeared off the face of the earth. I am not a registered
developer, but if you want i will take over maintance of dosdoom, sdoom and
xdoom (in other words i will register) do you think anyone would mind if the
only packages i maintain are non-free?

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