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Re: Et voila! (was: Re: Slink not installable from CDs)

Michael Stone wrote:

> Having each disk maintain a seperate package file has a few advantages,
> including the fact that if you update a package on disk 3, you don't
> need to throw out all your disk 1's. It would also make it easier to
> combine a standard debian image for main and a custom non-free/non-us.

Two other groups of people would benefit:  those, like me, who would
like to make their own archives of customized local packages on CDR,
zip, jazz, syquest, etc., and ISVs (whether commercial or "open-source")
who want to make their own CDs compatible with a Debian system.

I'd say there's two main arguments for having separate package files on
each CD.  1. it's more consistent with the FTP sites, and two: it's more
flexible.  If you insist that everything must be listed on the "first"
CD, then you have no room for expansion.
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