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Re: why does python-tk depend on tkstep?

Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Hi, I am the maintainer of the tkstep packages and I don't understand
> why my package always gets pulled in the dependencies instead of plain tk.
> A quick solution is to place "tk8.0 | tkstep8.0" in the deps, but, as
> the maintainer of python wrote a couple of days ago, tkstep8.0 provides 
> tk8.0 and the antumatically generated deps should suffice.
> Can some dpkg-shlibdeps guru look into that? I don't understand why this
> happens and if that's my foult or dpkg-shlibdeps fault...

Your shlibs file looks like this:

libtkstep4.2    1       tkstep4.2
libtk4.2        1       tkstep4.2

I suppose that when dpkg-shlibdeps sees something linked on libtk4.2, it
looks at this shlibs file, and makes it link to tkstep4.2.

The fix is probably to change the shlibs file to:

libtkstep4.2    1       tkstep4.2
libtk4.2        1       tk4.2

(Btw, this is analagous to what the xaw replacement libraries nextaw, xaw3d,
and xaw95 do in their shlibs files to prevent bogus dependancies on them.)

see shy jo

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