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Re: Deleting uncompressed Info/Doc files at upgrades

Andy Dougherty wrote:

> I also agree that "too slow" is a subjective measurement and it's
> ridiculous to expect everyone to agree on it. 
> > Obviously, I'm not going to win this one...
> I don't think that's completely fair either.  If you were to submit a
> working tested patch to dpkg to implement a  '--handle-uncompressed-docs'
> option then I hope it would get fair consideration.

Touché, but...
> If, however, by "win" you mean get someone else to implement your
> requested feature, you're probably right and you'll have to continue to
> remember to recompress your packages before upgrading.

"win" this one meaning to convince people that it's a good idea in the
first place.

I think I would have wasted my time coding this, as some have strongly
objected to what they perceive as dpkg playing behind their back.

But perhaps coding an '--handle-uncompressed-docs' that is disabled by
default would be good.


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