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Re: octave-plplot: intention to package


I agree with the enclosed copyright notice.
Octave's author also has no objections.

Please correct, if still possible, my e-mail address: <jcardoso@inescn.pt>


Rafael Laboissiere wrote:

Ola Joao,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

>>>>> "JC" == Joao Cardoso <jcardoso@inescn.pt> writes:

    JC> I know nothing about copyrights, so I include none in the
    JC> sources.  My intention is that plplot_octave could be available
    JC> in a future release of Octave, if Octave's author wants to. If
    JC> including it in a Debian release disallows my intention, than I
    JC> would not approve it.

Absolutely, inclusion in the Debian distribution will _not_ prevent any
inclusion of the plplot_octave interface into a future release of

One of my intentions in packaging it for Debian is to give more
visibility to your great software (as well as to PLplot itself), such
that development can be speeded up.  A better plotting interface is
really needed for Octave at present.

    JC> As I told before, my intention is to enable it to be used as
    JC> Octave is, with a GNU General Public License (which I have never
    JC> fully read :-)) .  If you want to add/include in all modified
    JC> sources or scripts the GNU licence header, I will be happy (if
    JC> this is still possible after I have put the package
    JC> un-intentionally in the public domain).

It is too much work to do that, and as it is getting colder and colder
(slink freeze is imminent) I just changed the copyright file to satisfy
your desire. I am attaching the modified copyright below.

Debian developers: do you think that this is acceptable?

    JC> Anyway, I already have latter versions, but they are not
    JC> packaged for public usage.

Great.  They will appear in Debian 2.2 (or 3.0?).

Rafael Laboissiere
Institut de la Communication Parlee | Email: rafael@icp.inpg.fr
UPRESS A CNRS 5009 / INPG           | Voice: +33
46, av. Felix Viallet               |   Fax: +33
F-38031 Grenoble CEDEX 1 France     |   URL: http://www.icp.inpg.fr/~rafael

========= /usr/doc/octave-plplot/copyright ============================
This package was debianized by Rafael Laboissiere rafael@icp.inpg.fr on
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 14:20:19 +0200.

This package was built from a tarball sent by Joao Cardoso
<jcardoso@inesc.pt> to the octave-sources mailing list (see the announcement
in http://www.che.wisc.edu/octave/mailing-lists/octave-sources/1998/5).


The files in the source distribution have no copyright notice, but by
explicit request from the author, the following terms apply:

    Copyright (C) 1998 Joao Cardoso.  All rights reserved.

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the
    Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your
    option) any later version. [In Debian systems, see file

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
    WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    General Public License for more details.

Many files under /usr/share/octave/site/m/PLplot have the following line:

## Copyright (C) 1996 John W. Eaton

and were released under the GPL.  They were modified by Joao Cardoso and are
assumed to be released under the same licencing terms.

Joao Cardoso                |   e-mail: jcardoso@inescn.pt
INESC, R. Jose Falcao 110   |   tel:    + 351 2 2094322
4050 Porto, Portugal        |   fax:    + 351 2 2008487
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