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Re: latest sysklogd broken?


just in case you haven't noticed yet, I've uploaded a fixed
sysklogd package which is already installed in the archive.
I've reverted a patch that caused problems.

You can also find the package from:


Michael Sobolev wrote:
> Same things happens to me.  Today I upgraded two things sendmail and syslogd
> (what a coincidence! :).  After few minutes I found that `ps ax' shows a lot
> of sendmail processes.  Everything looks like that after restarting *syslogd*
> information goes into appropriate files for few minutes.  Then it stops,
> what results in sendmail (and, I believe, other processes that make us of
> syslog) to wait forever.
> When I downgraded sysklogd back to -26, everything runs fine.

I feared that and thus haven't had removed -26 from the above ftp dir.



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