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Re: Slink not installable from CDs

On Wed, Oct 14, 1998 at 05:56:42PM +0100, Philip Hands wrote:

> Is something like ``Anything with a priority of extra gets put on the second 
> CD'' a reasonable guess ?  or should we make a list of stuff to go on the 
> second CD based on some sensible criteria (if anyone can think of some without 
> starting a flame war ;-)

As I said before, extra is not enough. The CD 1 has to contain less than 600
MB worth of .debs to make room for disks-i386, doc (is that included on the
CD, I think it should), tools (is that redistributable?) and the
Contents-whatever files (that would help to keep the number of "which
package contains xxx file?" type of questions down) and well as the Packages
files. override files ought to be included, too (those would be useful for
some fellows that for any reason want/have to rebuild Packages)

disks-i386 35 MB
tools       1 MB
doc         2 MB
indices     6 MB  (this is Packages + Contents + overrides; approx) 
cdfs slack  5 MB
           49 MB

Last time I looked (about two weeks ago), extra was about 90 MB and slink is
about 770 MB right now. That's 670 MB, 70 MB over the limit.

> The second CD might then be main2 + contrib + X11-source, and the third
> could be the source, assuming that all fits (which it probably doesn't
> anymore)

Contrib is ~ 100 MB. Plus 170 MB from main that's 270 MB for .deb's in CD 2.

contrib/source  120 MB
main/source     996 MB (this is wrong, I think, but that's what I have here)
       sans x11 867 MB

CD 2 can hold source/x11, source/devel and source/math (this is a random
pick). Those sections add up to 370 MB.

> Has anyone been making slink CDs BTW ?  If so, how big is it all ?

I chopped off extra, a few more things by hand (don't remember which ones;
mostly things from devel and games)... the result fitted a single CD.

What we need badly now is an apt-based method to be able to cope with this
situation (multiple CD's -- I think Jason said he was working on this, I may
be mistaken), and a little modification to apt to make it install extra at
the end of the run (iff it doesn't do it this way right now... Jason?)


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