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Re: Intend to package, create OSS/Free

>>"Hamish" == Hamish Moffatt <hamish@debian.org> writes:

 >> /usr/src/modules/<mod-name>/, and runs ./debian/rules <target>. 
 >> Additionally, the following information is provided in the
 >> environment:
 >> a) KVERS  Contains the kernel version
 >> b) KSRC   Contains the location of the kernel sources 
 >> c) KMAINT Contains the Name of the maintainer to pass to PGP
 >> d) KEMAIL Caontains the email address of the maintainer

 Hamish> How is the package version number passed?

	<confused> What package are you talking about here? 

 Hamish> Also, I'm terrible with make. Is there an easy way to test that
 Hamish> the four variables above have been provided and abort if not?

	Hmm, there are several ways. Off the top of my head:

VAR_DEFINED=(shell if test "X$$KVERS" = "X" -o "X$$KSRC" = "X" ... \
                   ; then echo NO; fi)

ifeq ($(strip $(VAR_DEFINED)),)
# Hah! No variable defined!!
build configure clean binary modules modules_image modules_config\
other target:
        @echo "You need to define the env variables KVERS ...
all build: configure
# Builds the binary package.
# debian.config contains the current idea of what the image should
# have.



	Look at /usr/lib/kernel-package/rules for other tricks.


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