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Re: Perl 5.005.02

My $.02 on this - and this is only personal feedback-
is that perl -MCPAN -e shell is even easier than 
apt-get.  So I maintain a perl5.tgz with our
various modules from CPAN already installed and whenever
debian blows away our perl on any particular machine we
just unpack it from our local distribution tree, maybe updating
with a new DebianNet.pm or some such.  What I would prefer is
perl -MCPAN -e shell  and  install Bundle::Debian.  I'm **almost**
tempted to bite on that too ;^)

> > > That's good enough for me.  I have boatloads of respect for Andy and his
> > > understanding of Perl Install issues.  That's how it will be for
> > > 5.005.02-3.

For better or worse, if the perl developers chose this new structure
for 5.005, then the decision to deviate incurs a huge cost, 
particularly when one considers the snowball effect and the 
costs of realignment in the future.




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