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Re: LICENSES [was: Re: Have you seen this?]

> > And lots of people haven't kicked stuff back. Why doesn't *BSD run on an
> > SGI Indy - its because the BSD license didnt force all the neat stuff
> > to be contributed back. And there are thousands of other examples like it.
> I fail to see how this is all that much different from the GPL
> perhaps scaring off a comercial entity from contributing code.  Of course
> I don't have a specific example off the top of my head :)

Im sure there are plenty. They are different ideas about 'free'. Fortunately
the non advertising BSD copyright appears to be fully GPL compliant and
lots of people are happy to dual license things so that both visions of
'free' can use the same stuff.

Linux & BSD share several drivers, some sync ppp code and other things
like pieces of the Mac booter. So such arrangements do work.

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