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Re: LICENSES [was: Re: Have you seen this?]

>>>>> "Martin" == Martin Konold <konold@alpha.tat.physik.uni-tuebingen.de> writes:

    Martin> Will Debian remove Motif linked XEmacs from their ftp
    Martin> server?  According to several Debian developers Motif is
    Martin> not a part of the OS.

No. We don't link xemacs with Motif. Besides, since lesstif is a part
of the OS, we can and do link any Motif applications we can with it.

    Martin> Will Debian remove LyX from their ftp server? According to
    Martin> several Debian developers Xforms is not a DFSG compatible
    Martin> library.

This is a harder one. :) xforms is in the non-free distribution of
Debian, which technically makes it not part of the operating
system. I'm not sure how that interacts with the GPL.

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