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Re: problems with the resolver in glibc 2.0.7u

I've encountered times when every single address (out of hundreds) on
the distribution list for a mailing list bounced for that reason,
minutes after successful delivery of mails.  I was unable to deduce a
cause.  I use sendmail 8.9.1.


Gergely Madarasz <gorgo@caesar.elte.hu> writes:

> Hello!
> It seems there is a problem in the resolver of 2.0.7u: I upgraded my libc
> because apache needed it (__register_frame_info) and after that some mails
> just returned with Host not found, for correct addresses. This happened on
> two different hosts. And, btw, telnet worked in the meanwhile for these
> hosts... so it seems to be a strange interaction between sendmail
> (8.8.8-20) and libc. Any other experiences like this ? I dont want to
> submit a bugreport for now, because i'm not sure about it, but if others
> find this, then it is at least a grave bug...
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