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FHS - politics

I've been catching up on debian-devel (only 4900 messages to go), and
have come across a discussion about FHS.

I have two kinds of comment on this proposal: the first is appropriate
for debian-devel, and concerns our general goals, and is in this

Firstly, I stick to my guns that we need incremental change.  So, no
`flag day', no moving everything at once, and no `release goals'
saying that things must be according to the FHS.  I'll post to
debian-policy about technical mechanisms.

Secondly: I maintain that we should NOT follow the FHS if it differs
gratuitously from the FSSTND.  We should make changes where and only
where they are actually warranted.  /usr/share is warranted IMO.
/var/state is NOT - it's just a cosmetic change, and will be a major
pain.  We should probably document our exceptions.  Discussion of the
details belongs on debian-policy.


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