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Re: Finding a source package

<treacy@debian.org> (James A. Treacy) writes:

> First, due to NMU uploads to other architectures, the source version
> may not match the version: in the package you are looking for.

This could be corrected with dpkg-scanpackages, but that's not really
the right thing to do.  I don't know the best way to handle this.

> Second, even if you find the name of the .dsc file you need to look
> in every one to find the names of the source files.

Huh?  If you can find the dsc, then the other source files will be
right along with it.

I'll look into having dpkg-scanpackages scan the dsc's as well and add
sections at least.  AFAIK, no programs parses them yet?  I'd rather
not have a new index file.

> If there are plans to allow multiple source versions into the archive
> simultaneously then this will need to be rethought.

No such plans.


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