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Re: Imlib NMU

Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

> Brian Almeida <balmeida@longwood.lwc.edu> writes:
> > > libjpeg6b is broken and shouldn't be used by any new packages.  It
> > > doesn't respect the upstream maintainers choice of soname, namely
> > > libjpeg.so.62, and hence makes Debian incompatible with Red Hat.
> > > (RedHat does use the the upstream soname.)  Until somebody gets around
> > > to releasing a "libjpeg62" package, we should stick with libjpeg6a.
> > Oooh. Interesting snag.  So.  We need to make a joint decision.  I talked
> > to Jim Pick last night about putting 6b in slink, and get it in before the
> > freeze.  However this makes me edgy.  Jim, Chris? Your opinions? Maybe we
> > should just leave it at 6a...even Chris admits that 6b has not been tested.
> > I don't want to break every Imlib dependent package totally a week and half
> > before the freeze.

Unfortunately, libjpeg6a wasn't compatible with Red Hat either (at
that point in time the upstream maintainers didn't support shared
libraries, hence no standard soname).

> Let's do something compatible with Red Hat (unless there are good
> reasons not to).  Synchronizing SONAMEs is one of the goals of the
> LSB.  If we are going to switch to libjpeg62 - let's do so before the
> freeze.

The new libjpeg uses libtool, so it's a matter of taking out the patch
to the makefile and doing something like 
          "./configure --enable-shared --enable-static && make"
to build it.  (You also should do "make LIBTOOL=`which libtool`".)

One other thing: there no longer is any need for a seperate
libjpeg-gif package, the jpeg distribution no longer contains code for
real .gif encoding.  (It only contains code for the less optimal LZ
with reset encoding instead of LZW.)

are you going to upload a new libjpeg with the correct soname?
I have some packages that I make from scratch using dh_make. (I copied
your "copyright" file and descriptions.)  They generate
libjpeg62_6b-1.1, libjpeg-dev_6b-1.1 and libjpeg-progs_6b-1.1.  
If you want, you can use them:


Or you can just change your package to use the right soname.  If
you'd rather not do the work right now and don't mind me uploading my
version, please let me know.


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