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Re: problem w/ the Java interface lib for PostgreSQL

>>>>> "Shaleh" == Shaleh  <shaleh@livenet.net> writes:

    Shaleh> libpgjava depends on jdk1.1-runtime (>= ??.??).
    Shaleh> jdk1.1-dev provides jdk-runtime.  However the dependency
    Shaleh> resolution tries to install jdk1.1-runtime because of the
    Shaleh> versioned depends and jdk-runtime removes jdk-dev.  So if
    Shaleh> I install libpgjava, I lose the java compiler and what
    Shaleh> not, which means I cant write apps using java and was the
    Shaleh> point of wanting the java lib.

Eh? jdk1.1 /conflicts/replaces/provides jdk1.1-runtime, not
jdk1.1-dev, at least that's they way I specified it.

The obvious answer is file a bug against libpgjava :/

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