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Re: Imlib NMU

On 05-Oct-98 Paul Slootman wrote:
> On Sun 04 Oct 1998, Brian Almeida wrote:
>> I just talked to Shaleh, the previous Imlib maintainer.  It was intentional
>> to
>> use libjpegg6a for imlib.  6a and 6b do not play well together.  Your NMU
> Is it necessary that they play _together_ ?
>> breaks every Imlib-using GNOME package out there. Therefore I am overriding
>> it.  Please go through the correct channels next time, instead of going out
>> and doing NMUs of other peoples packages without a so much as a
>> by-your-leave.
>> That is the whole point of the Bug tracking system.  I check my mail
>> regularly,
>> as does Shaleh.  Let us know before you go out doing stuff that affects 
>> other people's packages.
>>   Going to libjpegg6b is fine.  But all the other packages have to make it 
>> there as well.  
> Do you really mean _all_ other packages?  AFAIK you can have libjpegg6a
> and libjpeg6b installed together (I didn't find a libjpegg6b package).
> Additionally, isn't it that so that those packages that use imlib and
> depend on libjpegg6a, depend on libjpegg6a only because imlib does?

No.  Look at the output of 'imlib-config --libs' sometime. 

> In other words, I think those packages don't directly link in
> libjpegg6a, only indirectly via imlib (after all, they're using imlib
> for the image manipulation, so why should they need libjpegxxx
> directly?)

Because imlib is used on more platforms than just linux, and on other
platforms, linking shared libs to shared libs doesn't always work.  So, every
application that uses imlib uses the imlib-config program and links against all
the necessary graphics libs as well.


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