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Re: Re: Linus is on a powertrip..

>This is from the linux kernel mailing list. I find it pretty completly sums
>op my thoughts on all the new constitution and voting and policy voting
>stuff that we've been setting up. I haven't been vocal about this, but I
>think we've been moving in the wrong direction.
>Of course, this came up on linux kernel because Linus is showing signs of
>burnout - just like Bruce burnt out. The benevolent dicator system isn't

The problem is that no matter what system we have, it will make some people
unhappy.  Even if we all could agree on someone to be the "benevolent
dictator", as soon as he/she made a decision contrary to some group of
developers, there would be claims of "tyranny" and some developers would
take their bat and balls and go home.

Witness the latest bloodletting that involved three of the founding project
members leaving after shouts of "lawsuits" and other hysteria against them.

We should probably just try out the less-efficient voting system and see if
that proves to be more popular.

My $0.02


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