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Re: What's a suitable terminal type for xvt?

On Sun, Oct 04, 1998 at 03:33:27PM +0100, Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> Some time ago, xterm's terminal emulation changed, and the "xterm"
> terminfo entry changed with it.  Since xvt implements the emulation
> associated with the old version of xterm, I changed its terminal type to
> "xterm-old".  Of course, this means that, when logging in to other kinds
> of machines, the terminal type isn't recognised.
> However, I noticed recently that xterm now uses "xterm-debian" as its
> terminal type (because of a complaint from a colleague that it wasn't
> recognised by any other machines!), and that "xterm-old" seems to be the
> same as "xterm".  Is this true?  When was this changed back?  Should I
> change xvt back to "xterm"?  Are there plans to muck about with this
> again in the future that I should know about?

Please read /usr/doc/xbase/README.Debian and see

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