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What's a suitable terminal type for xvt?

Some time ago, xterm's terminal emulation changed, and the "xterm"
terminfo entry changed with it.  Since xvt implements the emulation
associated with the old version of xterm, I changed its terminal type to
"xterm-old".  Of course, this means that, when logging in to other kinds
of machines, the terminal type isn't recognised.

However, I noticed recently that xterm now uses "xterm-debian" as its
terminal type (because of a complaint from a colleague that it wasn't
recognised by any other machines!), and that "xterm-old" seems to be the
same as "xterm".  Is this true?  When was this changed back?  Should I
change xvt back to "xterm"?  Are there plans to muck about with this
again in the future that I should know about?


Charles Briscoe-Smith
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