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Re: Intent to package: Debian-Bookmarks

On 5 Oct 1998, Frederic Lepied wrote:

>    CH> /usr/bin/bookmarks-convert 
>    CH> 	Converts html pages to bookmarks for several browsers like
>    CH> 	netscape, lynx, <which one do YOU want>
>    CH> /usr/share/debian-bookmarks/debian-bookmarks.html
>Why don't you put it under the web hierarchy (/var/www) ? This way, it
>would be available  to all browsers through  a server or directly from
>the local file system.

I had something in mind more like a dummy user, named 'bookmark'.

that way it could be reached through any(?) web server by hitting

perhaps a symlink into somewhere else might make it easier to reach via a
file:// URL.

as for which of netscape, lynx or whoever, my vote is 100% for ALL OF
THEM.  What I mean by this is to have a script to convert whatever data
source we create into a series of flat text files which would be placed
into the above /home/bookmark/public_html to be viewed in the browser.  A
question arises of whether to have one large file, or a hierarchical
system (or both).

- dave


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