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Re: gnome .debs

On Sat, Oct 03, 1998 at 06:56:59PM -0400, Justin Maurer wrote:
> 	(for the purposes of this email, consider my sig my resume).
> 	i am an admin at a local high school. our shell server is a p233
> with 128m ram and 12gb disk. it will soon be upgraded to 256mb, and sooner
> or later, a second processor. it sits on a t1, with incoming ftp supposed
> to be unfirewalled awhile ago (i can get around it, if necessary). the
> machie is idle 23 hours a day.
> 	i have never used cvs-buildpackage, but would be willing to
> generate nightly .debs. what do people think of this?

This is in the works.  Myself and Shaleh ahve talked about it, and Shaleh and
Jim Pick have also been discussing it.  I am sure Jim agrees with my that any
help will be much appreciated ;) In any case, I believe the plan was to be able
to add a line to your /etc/apt/sources.list something like this:
or something liek that, and be able to download .debs of all gnoem cvs nightly.
obviously a beefy machien would be good for that, I know Jim doesn't ahve a
terrific one (at least from past postings?) and I have a p233mmx with 64mb ram
(and greatly limited disk space...I could compile e, imlib, fnlib, esound, and
stringlist prolly ;)  So jump on in! Send an email to Jim, as I'm sure he knows
more about this whole thing than I.  I took a look at the cvs-buildpackage
stuff, but haven't really figured it out yet.
  BTW, even though I dont' really use GNOME per se, I think its' a GREAT
idea. :)

Keep in touch.


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