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FWD: Re: Linus is on a powertrip..

This is from the linux kernel mailing list. I find it pretty completly sums
op my thoughts on all the new constitution and voting and policy voting
stuff that we've been setting up. I haven't been vocal about this, but I
think we've been moving in the wrong direction.

Of course, this came up on linux kernel because Linus is showing signs of
burnout - just like Bruce burnt out. The benevolent dicator system isn't

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: This all boils down to the old saying that the benevolent dictator is
: the best form of government --- there's only one problem: finding the
: benevolent dictator.  Linus has, up till now, served as a very good
: benevolent dictator.  It may be that the job has been putting much
: pressure on him, and we need to find ways of relieving this pressure, or
: otherwise solving the problem.

Amen.  To all points.

I've watched the *BSD stuff and Linux from the sidelines for years, all the
way back to 386BSD - Bill Jolitz, Mr 386BSD, used to work for me.

I'm so sold on the benevolent dictator model that I jumped on the Linux
bandwagon soley because of that model.  I was pushing linux back when Linux
was utter and complete garbage by comparison to any of the *BSDs.  It wasn't
because Linux was better, it was because Linux was going to get better and
the *BSDs were not necessarily going to get better.

Everyone should stop and think hard about the benevolent dictator issue.
It's absoutely the most efficient way to get things done and the committee
approach just creates arguments.  Yeah, we have our arguments here,
but as Ted says, Linus gets to resolve them and that's the end of it
(you don't hear a lot from about RT any more do you - Linus made the
call, I don't like it, but that's the end of it - if this was *BSD we
would be like the energizer bunny - still going, and going, and going).

We have two problems to think about: 

1) do as much as we can in the short term (1-5 years) to keep Linus offloaded
   enough that he stays interested and retains power.

2) start thinking now about grooming a replacement.

That second one is dicy but it's inevitable that Linus will eventually
want to leave his current role - it's just too much pressure to want
for the rest of your life.

Also, it's a sign of a healthy organization to have folks that could
step up hanging around being groomed.  It means that the organization
is more important than the individual and I think that is the case here,
with no disrrespect intended.

The problem is - who would you groom?  I can think of lots of people who
would volunteer but most (all?) of them are also disqualified.  It's an
issue.  I suspect that the grooming process would help.

My two cents.

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