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Re: How about using bzip2 as the standard *.deb compression format?

On Fri, 2 Oct 1998, Christopher Barry wrote:

>I read in an earlier mail that the main distro will no longer fit on one
>CD. Since a standardised specialized tool is already required to install
>a *.deb and this tool is installed on every Debian box, why not in the
>next update of dpkg include support to decompress bzip2 compressed
>*.debs? This would be transparent for the user, and (as far as I can
>reason anyways) fairly painless for the developer.

I think we already went through this discussion a short while back.
Unless I'm missing something new, it was pretty much decided that the
memory overhead of bzip2 was too great for low-mem or slow PCs to handle.

That said, please correct me if I got the wrong end of the stick.

- dave


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