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Re: An X version of dselect for slink

Tom Lees wrote:
> Since it seems obvious that apt WON'T be finished (GUI bit I mean) before
> freeze of slink, I have started writing an X clone of the Dselect tool.
> Although to be ready by 16th will make it pretty much a hack, I think it
> is one worthy for this release (in much the same way as the preselections
> were earlier).


> I will write it using GTK (I already have the basic framework done),
> development version 1.1 (for GtkCTrees, they are VERY useful for this).
> I have a couple of questions:-
> a) Does anyone else think this is a good idea?

*raising hand*

> b) How will this integrate with the installation

The first installation will still be run by the regular dselect while
there should be a package gdselect.deb which provides the gtk version
of dselect.

> What about multi-cd stuff? Should be integrated into mountable IMHO.

We urgently need multi-cd support.  I can't look at it right now
but we do need it since the main distribution won't fit on a single
CD anymore.



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