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Re: non development use of cvs

On Thu, Oct 01, 1998 at 03:02:15AM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> David Maslen wrote:
> > I'd like to use the debian cvs to build my own debs.
> > I think I could save a bit of bandwidth by only checking out the diff
> > and dsc and using a local copy of the original source. This will be
> > especially true with all the minor updates.
> Great!!!!  Please get Culus to setup the CVS repository for the major
> "debian" project so soon many packages will be available through cvs.
> If it's set up I'm also willing to checking my packages although I'm
> already maintaining them via CVS locally and it will mean more work 
> for me but I always liked this idea.

Does This Mean We Can Have Automagic Builds?

(If not, it may be better to upload my diffs to the CVS repos. in addition
to the normal stuff).

Also, I have a suggestion for "dupload". The option to do something like this
instead of ftp'ing or scp'ing the .orig.tar.gz to master:-

ssh master -c "wget ftp://download.cyclic.com/pub/cvs/cvs-1.10/cvs-1.10.tar.gz \
	-O .../Incoming/cvs_1.10.orig.tar.gz"

This would save many people a lot of time/bandwidth, I think.

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