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Re: wordlist packages: transition to update-alternatives and FHS

I wrote:
>I'll build a version of wenglish that demonstrates this and upload it

I've done that.  /usr/dict/words is now found at /usr/share/dict/words;
anyone making use of the word lists should now look first in the new
location and then the old location.  This only affects wenglish so far.

The other wordlist packages should probably be changed too.  However,
I'm not sure in what order the alternatives should be prioritised.

Since the English language wordlist is likely to be most popular, maybe
it should be highest priority.  On the other hand, if a site installs
a wordlist other than English, aren't they more likely to want it to
become the default?

(On second thoughts, perhaps the english wordlist should be
highest-priority so that a full installation will have English as its
default system wordlist.  I don't know.)

Any comments?

Charles Briscoe-Smith
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