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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

A users two cents:

Last November I bought LSL's tri-linux package (which was a quad linix
package as they threw in caldera's own disk).  I first installed
slackware (as I had already downloaded 3.4 from the net on floppies
and installed it at work).  Then I tried Redhat 5.0.  This was
actually very easy to install, I got X running right away (at 800x600,
higher res would not sync up on my monitor).  Just about everythng
worked fine.  The only problems I had were when I installed older ,non
libC6 rpm's, most of these seg-faulted.  Alot of rpm's from the
caldera cd had these problems.
I tried installing debian 1.3, but got all fouled up with dselect, and
I gave up.  Then I tried caldera open linux light.  It took FOREVER to
install. (Caldera was the slowest to install, Redhat the fastest,
debian in the middle -- once you know what you are doing).

Finally I tried the debian 1.3 again.  It took about 3 times to get it
right, but was well worth it.  I now am running 2.0.  The upgrade from
1.3 to 2.0 failed, and I had to install 2.0 from scratch (I had first
backed up my entire system to tape so I lost nothing but time.)

If dselect gets cleaned up, or replaced by apt/deity the major
roadblock to newbies on debian will be removed.  Comments on the 2.0
install...how about a list of which packages are installed for each
option type?

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