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updated vs. bdflush -- which is better?

Hi all,

Pavel Machek recently extended the bdflush package to efficiently handle
hard disk spindown for power saving mode.  I played with the changes, and it
seems to work really well.

The problem is that there seem to be two competing packages here -- updated
1.3, packaged in Debian buy Guy Maor as "update", and bdflush 1.6.2, which
is not Debian packaged but which the update package claims to replace.

bdflush is more recently updated outside of Debian and seems to have more
features, including this hard disk spindown feature which is great for

Which should we use?  Why did we switch from bdflush to update a couple of
years ago?

Both upstream sources can be found in:

Let me know what you think.


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> > Anyway, it should NOT be apmdplus, as bdflush with spindown support is
> > usefull even for non-apm-aware systems (desktop).
> Hmm, I'd never heard of this but I just tried it and it seems to
> work!


> Now, Debian includes updated, which is in the same directory on sunsite and
> was patched fairly recently.  Aside from your spindown changes, what are the
> differences between updated and bdflush?  updated is a lot smaller, but
> bdflushd has a lot of command-line options I don't understand... are they
> still applicable?

I think that updated is old code. Options should be still applicable
(they are only passed to kernel but should still work.)

> Should I encourage Debian to carry bdflush instead of updated?

I'd be glad...

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