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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

On 30 Sep 1998, Steve Dunham wrote:

> Not me, it takes me under 10 minutes to install a rather complete
> RedHat system (incl. about 5 minutes to install all of the packages)
> and at least an hour to install Debian.

What you DON'T mention is how Redhat installs EVERY THING.  For example,
if you select mail, you get EVERY MAIL READER MADE.  Plus, it opens up all
the services, typically.  Including the VERY fun imapd.

Point is, if you are installing a Unix, you don't WANT to do it in 10
minutes.  That's too fast.  You'll miss something, and often it will
compromise the security of your box.   Debian steps you through all parts.
ANd so what if it byte compiles stuff?  


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