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Re: Debian is not a "main distro"?

On Wed, Sep 30, 1998 at 09:44:32AM +0200, Ole Jørgen  Tetlie wrote:
> Taken from COLA:
> ----
> These are just a few.  The second thing I would like to bring up is that we
> are in the process of building tutorial on Linux Installation/Configuration
> for beginners.  We plan to cover the two main distros, Redhat and Slackware.
> (I like OpenLinux, but I want a specific enough selection so we can offer
> the kind of detail that is helpful for beginners.)
> ----

I find this attitude to be very common. I went to a WLUG meating 
(In MA Worcester Linux Users Group) meeting, they plan an installfest
I asked the organizer what distributions he planned on having...
he pretty much planned RedHat solely.

I of course offered to be there with a Debian CD in case anyone 
wants to install Debian ;)
> It seems that we still need to create some more interest in Debian.

Definitly... It seems to me we are the "Other" distribution

I have only been using debian since last December...Now that I have used it
I LOVE Debian...but..
Here is how I viewd Debian BEFORE I tried it (for over a year)

Debian came as the 3rd CD in my 6 CD pack.
I pulled out RedHat and installed it. I talked with my Slackware Using 
Linux Guru... He said that RedHat wqas Linux for Windows users...he
also said he had heard Debian was good.

He heard that but he had never tried it.

If others think like I used to then we are that "Other" distribiution that 
gets mentioned allot but...not as much or as big as RedHat and SLackware.

[btw that "guru" recently switched to debian ;) ]

> Perhaps some developer would volunteer to eat a RedHat CD on television

hmmm...I would volunteer but I already have enough stomac problems...
Besides... RedHat isn't our enemy. 
How about taking a Windows 95 CD, A Windows 98 CD, a Windows NT CD and
setting fire to the lot of them? :)

> or jump from a plane with a laptop and try to install Debian before
> ha lands (using a parachute is OK I guess).

how about haveing  3 people jump out... 
One with a Laptop with Windows on it, one with RedHat one with Debian...
the Laptops control their parachutes...

As soon as the windows user (bill G lookalike) clicks on 
"Open" it Blue Screens.

hmm maybe an NT user...he clicks on Open, is asked to agree to an EULA,
agrees...then it complains about low memory and chgs away...opens after
he hits the ground. (either that or just a "This feature is not
yet implimented")

The RedHat user is stuck in command line mode and can't figure out how
to run the parachute script from the command line without the GUI utility

The Debian user realizes it isn't installed types "apt-get install parachute"
just types "parachute -o now" and it opens ;)

> How about making a
> commercial where Ian wrestles with a fierce animal (hungry lion, bear,
> crocodile or something like that - make it real angry) just to get to
> Dwarf's book (or a Debian CD) lying in the animals nest/cave?

hmm or...
Joe Averageuser fighting with bears and Lions, and worst creatures...even
High Pressure salesmen...to get his WIndows software...then about to
shell out thousands of dollars...
He comes out of the sky with a debian CD and vanquishes the monstors and
gives the man the CD for free :)

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