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Re: Anyone intersted in my C tool-library ?

On Tue, Sep 29, 1998 at 04:02:34PM +0200, Christian Hammers wrote:
> Hello !
> I have created a small C library that has functions for CGI,debugging,html,
> regex and time conversion and a wrapper to use exactly the same code for 
> mysql,postgresql and msql databases.
> It is intendet for people like me who often have to write database related
> or CGI programs - which are VERY hard to debug without some neat tools.
> (Of course it's LGPL and comfortable GNU autoconf/automake :-))


> Since here are probably many programmers: Is there any interest in this ?

Hmmm, I might try it. Usually, I use perl or PHP3 for such things, and debugging
is pretty much easy (hint: write a logfile of everything you do ever), with
either PHP3 logging debug info to a database (kinda neat) or modperl with
a persistent file open.

> Or can you tell me where to put such a thing (something like a CPAN for C ?)
> I ask because before I created this library (one year ago) I searched the
> Net for a library with these tools but did not find anything.

The closest to CPAN for C is the comp.sources.* groups. The most appropriate
I can see is comp.sources.unix or comp.sources.misc. They are archived.

> read you,
>    -christian-
> P.S.: This is not direktly an "intent to package a debian package" because
>       I would like to do it, but would not like to package a package which 
>       just rotts on the FTP server because no one wants it.
> P.P.S.: C coders out there: what do you use ? Just plain ANSI C ????

Yep, plus the odd SystemV extension.

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