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Re: Problem with dselect/libgnome0

On 28-Sep-98 Jim Pick wrote:
> Florian Hinzmann <fh@dipa.de> writes:
>> mode of dselect I get an dependancy 
>> problem:
>> *******************************
>>  *** Opt devel    libgnome0    The Gnome libraries
>>  *** Opt devel    libgtktty0   The Gnome gtktty (Terminal) widget
> This is happening because libgtktty is obsolete, and is no longer a
> part of gnome-libs.
> You can fix it easily by purging libgtktty0 and libgtktty-dev, as
> nothing uses them anymore.  I'll file a bug against ftp.debian.org to
> get them removed.

gnome-scottfree_0.27-1 depends on "libgtktty0 (>= 0.27-1)".

But wether it is obsolete or it isn't, dselect should not
end in a kind of deadlock showing the dependency conflict 
screen again and again if all dependencies are met. It should
however show it once to add a package to meet a dependency
and then a simple return should exit that screen.

If the dependency screen pops up it shows 
the dependencies wich are the cause for the screen
to pop up in the lower half of the screen.

In this case it does not list any unmet 
dependencies, but it does pop up and 
<return> leads to the same screen popping
up again.

Maybe I am failing to see something, but if that
is true I would be glad if someone could explain 
it to me.


  Florian Hinzmann               f.hinzmann@public.uni-hamburg.de
                                 fh@dipa.de, fh@debian.org
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