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Debian, pre-installed on new machines, how?

I don't make computers, I don't sell computers. This is just a hyperthetical
question. Say I did make computers, and I did sell them. I would normally
supply an operating system, and that would normally be Windows, but if someone
asked for linux, I would install debian, but how would I decied on the
packages to install?

Required, Important, Base, and Standard?

Or one of the selections provided,

or ship the machine with the CD,

or copy the CD on to the hard drive,

or ask them it's purpose - server, workstation etc, and install appropiately

I just think this is an interesting question that could be answered in
advanced, for when somebody posts who does make computers and does sell them
and would like to sell them with debian on.

* liw prefers not to have Linus run Debian, because then /me would
  have to run Red Hat, just to keep the power balance :)
        -- #Debian

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