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Re: Back to RedHat

On Thu, Sep 24, 1998 at 08:47:06PM -0500, David Engel wrote:
> I disagree about pre-selections being a good system.  They are a
> one-time only shortcut at initial installation.  They do nothing to
> help a non-expert/non-power user maintain a system over time.

But then they are better than nothing.

> The first idea is to have, for lack of a better name, super packages.
> Super packages don't contain any files.  Instead, they only contain
> dependencies on other packages.  The advantage is that the desired set
> of packages can be changed by simply modifying the dependency list in
> the super package.

So a super package would be a living preselection? That is we add a dir
preselections and for each preselection we like we put in a super package.
Hey, I really like that. Sounds pretty good.

> The second idea is for dselect (or apt or whatever) to either
> automatically or at least offer to remove packages which haven't been
> explicitly selected by the user when no other installed packages
> depend on them.  Anyone have a good name for this.  The advantage is
> that the user doesn't have to tediously keep track of packages that
> are no longer needed.  How many times have you wanted to try out a
> package only to find out that it installing it pulls in several other
> packages, then later decide you don't want/need it, go to deselect it
> and not remember all the other packages it pulled in?

Way too often. I agree once again.

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