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Re: Back to RedHat

Bob McElrath <mcelrath@isp.nwu.edu> wrote:

> On 24 Sep 1998, Turbo Fredriksson wrote:
> > [this is not a flame or rant, even though it will seem to be]
> I guess the major problem I had was that I tried to install too much.  I
> should have installed the absolute base minimum system and then
> incrementally added packages.  As it was, with too many things installed,
> many of them broken...things all went to hell rather quickly.

Yes, that is a known flaw with dselect. You first have to install what dselect
have already selected (first time install), and _AFTER_ that, go back and install/
deselect/whatever the stuff you want...

But hopfully that problem will go away with apt. But since it's not quite finished
yet... We where hoping that it would be finished in time for slink's release, but
I guess that that will not happen... :)

> gnome has its gtk libs (which it depends on).  gtk1.1 is there too.
> selecting just one of them was a pain since anytime I selected any package
> that depended on gtk it brought up the annoying little help screen followed
> by dependency info.  I'd suggest only bringing up *unresolved* dependency
> info.

Yet again, dselect's fault. We are working on it, and hopfully it will be finished
shortly (I was going to help, but taking a look at the sources, I found that that
would be a little over my head).

> > > > 3) Whittle down the number of packages.  At last count the main tree had
> > > > 1713 packages in it.  It takes many hours to sift through that list and
> > > > decide what to install.  And after doing so, you simply can't remember all
> > > > the "neato" little things you installed.  I saw mention recently of trying
> > > > to keep up with the intel side of .deb's.  Forget about it.  Their community
> > > > is much larger and they will always churn out new stuff faster than us.  Go
> > > > for a smaller set of stable packages instead of the latest whiz-bang stuff.
> > 
> > Ahh... Here it is again... I think I've said enough about this issue... Use M$
> > if you don't like freedom of choice... Even RH/SW have a lot of packages.
> Maybe I should reword that.  Whittle down the number of packages in the
> *base*.  Put the rest in contrib.

Contrib isn't part of Debian. Only the *base* system is... But I understand what you
mean. Maybe there should be an *extra* section, which _IS_ part of Debian...

Base:  Bare system
Extra: Usefull bits and pieces

> > > > 6) dselect needs a major overhaul.  Its key mappings are non-intuitive and
> > > 
> > > You should take a look at apt.
> > 
> > As he said, this is also worked on. The apt crew have done quite a nice piece of
> > software here, and it's being continusly improved...
> Hmmm...I selected it when I installed, but it didn't get installed...I tried
> to run it once or twice... ???

Maybe because you tried to install Debian _AT ONCE_...

Would be nice if you could try again, and do the install in two steps (as indicated
above). Trust me, you would not regrett it (if you wait a while, learning how WE do
things in our FileSystem).

> Ok, so the next time I mail to this list it'll be something useful, instead
> of a bunch of bitching.  ;)

No worries... I don't mind people sending complaints or bitching, just make sure you
ware a flameproof west :)

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