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Re: Name clashes [Was: Intent to package: molecular biology programs

Stephane Bortzmeyer <bortzmeyer@pasteur.fr>  said:

> I'm thinking about packaging for Debian several molecular biology 
> programs. AFAIK, <snip>
> - many programs, since they come from different origins, have the same 
> name. At least three "scan" executables to put in /usr/bin, besides MH's 
> scan. Should I create a /usr/gensoft tree, like we do here to prevent 
> name clashes? (Yes, I know only X11 does that on Debian, but the set of 
> all biology programs is almost as large.)

How about using the /opt tree? (see the FHS for detail and rationale on
the /opt tree)

Using the `scan' example above, placing your package's `scan' executable
in /opt/<package>/bin/scan would resolve the clash with `scan' executables
provided by other packages.  Perhaps you might resolve name clashes
between multiple (possibly incompatible) `scan'  executables from
different origins within your package by by selective renaming (e.g.,
/opt/<package>/bin/origin1_scan, etc.), or by separating groups of files
contributed to your package from different origins into subdirectories
named for their origins (e.g., /opt/<package>/bin/origin1/scan, etc.).

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