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Re: netstd and ssh(d)

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Alexander Koch wrote:

>On Mon, 21 September 1998 01:53:30 +1000, Martin Mitchell wrote:
>> Not at all, I think many of us require these daemons. If you want them
>> disabled, you can always edit the conffiles, that's why they exist.
>Yesterday I needed snmpwalk but *no* snmpd.
>It was annoying until I edited /etc/init.d/snmpd or somesuch and did a
>simple "exit 0" at the beginning and all was fine.

It might be more understandable to go into /etc/rc?.d and remove the
references to snmpd.  Personally, I just rename them from (eg) S10snmpd to
be s10snmpd.  The lower case'll make them not execute on startup but
they're still there for reference.

By editing the /etc/init.d copy to break it you start to make the sys
configuration more confusing to understand.

Just imo, but I'd rather disable something so it doesn't run than break it
so when it runs it doesn't do anything....


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