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PNP Modem Not Recognized

I Am having Trouble trying To Get my modem to work with Linux. It would 
not work at all under os/2 and barely under Win95. It is a SupraMax 
Voice PCI Modem From Diamond. I followed install instructions. When I 
ran pon I got the message: /usr/bin/pon: /usr/sbin/pppd: Permission 
denied. I am new to Linux and would Really Appreciate any help.
When I use Win95 I have to remove the modem and put in another slot 
before it finds the modem.

My System:
P150 Clone
1.2Gb Hard drive
S3 video Card with 4MB Mem
Supra 56K pci Modem
64MB Ram
SB Awe64 ISA PNP Sound CARD.
Panasonic CR 584-B CDrom Drive (12X)
1.44 Panasonic Floppy.

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