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RFC: Debian announcement re: X is free again

Could someone tell me the publicity contact address?  I'd like to run this
by them.  Or do I just send it to Nils Lohner personally?

Debian applauds Open Group's decision to re-free X source

The Debian GNU/Linux distribution would like to publically laud the Open Group
for its recent decision to restore the license for the X Window System to its
previous terms.

Earlier this year, the Open Group released its latest update to the X Window
System, X11R6.4, under a license incompatible with the Debian Free Software
Guidelines (which presaged the much-discussed Open Source Definition), to the
general consternation of the free software and Unix communities in general.
Historically X has been licensed under very laissez-faire terms, which is
largely responsible for its ubiquitous presence in Unix computing.

Debian is delighted to see the Open Group return the X Window System to
license under which its authors expected it to be distributed.  This decision
is not only consistent with the open tradition of X's development base, but
with the spreading awareness of the advantages of free (or "open source")

Unix is a trademark of the Open Group.
Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.
Open Source is a certification mark of Software in the Public Interest.


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