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modutils stops me dead:)

I just recently did an upgrade an hour ago (last one was a week ago) which
installed a new version of modutils (new upstream release). After a
unfortunate necessary reboot (had to momentarily lapse to a Windoze user),
X hung up and went into loop when I rebooted (I run xdm). On further
investigation, I found that the module for my psmouse was not being loaded
and then discovered that when /etc/init.d/modutils called
/etc/init.d/kerneld to run, it exited silently due to 

test -f /proc/sys/kernel/modprobe || exit 0

/proc/sys/kernel/modprobe doesn't exist on my machine. Should it? It
didn't before IIRC, is this a new thing? The lines from
/etc/init.d/modutils seems to me to say if this file doesn't exist, start
kerneld, but if this file doesn't exist, /etc/init.d/kerneld. However, I
could easily have things backwards because I am in a rush to do some other
work tonight which needs X, so I temporarily stuffed all my modules in
/etc/modules and commented the auto line. Is this a bug? Sorry if this
seems rushed, but I don't have the time to investigate further but thought
I should bring this up. Feel free to ask for more info if needed. Cheers.

Colin Telmer, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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