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Re: This license (JPython) acceptable ?


	I think you shall get a far wider audience and a better
 response if you post in debian-devel, rather than in -policy. There
 are very many people who do not read -policy. This is not really a
 policy issue anyway. Please move the discussion to -devel.

>>"Gregor" == "Gregor Hoffleit <Gregor Hoffleit" <flight@mathi.uni-heidelberg.de> writes:

 Gregor> (2) Source issues

 Gregor> In the upstream source, the Python grammar is included as
 Gregor> input for JavaCC (Java Compiler Compiler). JavaCC compiles
 Gregor> the grammar into .java source. Does this really make JPython
 Gregor> go into contrib ? Or could I simply include the compiled
 Gregor> .java files ?

	As to the source issues, the Python grammar needs to be
 included in tha package. If the JavaCC compiles them into an
 intermediate form (whatever that form maybe), just distributing the
 intermediate .java files is not good enough. What is the status of
 the Python grammar?

	Why would it make JPython go into contrib? Seems to me that
 either the grammar is free, in which case it goes into main, or it is
 not, in which case the package should go into non-free.

 Gregor> (3) Runtime issues

 Gregor> kaffe is not yet able to run JPython, since kaffe lacks
 Gregor> e.g. java.math.BigInteger. Therefore, JPython currently only
 Gregor> works with jdk1.1. Does this make JPython go into contrib ?
 Gregor> Or is this simply a bug in kaffe, so that JPython can be in
 Gregor> main ?

	Also, if at the moment one needs a non-free program to have
 JPython actually work, then it goes in contrib. Just because it may
 work with a free program in the future is not good enough. When the
 free program does gain the required cabability, then it may ber
 brought out of contrib, assuming that no other obstacles remain. 


 Gregor> Following up on my recent inquiry about the JPython license, here is
 Gregor> an update. Depending on the results of these issues, I will put the
 Gregor> package into main, contrib or non-free.

 Gregor> (1) License issues

 Gregor> Judging from the repsonses, most of the license seems to be acceptable
 Gregor> according to the terms of the DFSG.

 Gregor> There's one clause (8.) which can be ignored by removing a third-party
 Gregor> library from the packages (OROMatcher).

 Gregor> The real problem seems to be 3.iii:

 Gregor>    3. In the event Licensee, at its sole cost and expense, uses the
 Gregor>    Software to prepare a derivative work that is based on or
 Gregor>    incorporates the Software or any part thereof, and wants
 Gregor>    to make the derivative work available to the public for
 Gregor>    commercial or noncommercial purposes, or uses the software
 Gregor>    in this derivative form to provide a service to the
 Gregor>    public, then Licensee hereby agrees: (i) to indicate in
 Gregor>    any such work, in a prominently visible way, the specific
 Gregor>    modifications made to CNRI's Software; (ii) not to
 Gregor>    introduce deliberately any modifications where there is
 Gregor>    reason to believe they will be harmful to other users and
 Gregor>    their systems; and (iii) to notify CNRI of any release to
 Gregor>    the public of Licensee's derivative version, or any
 Gregor>    service offered to the public by Licensee based thereon.

 Gregor> It is not obvious whether this is compatible with the DFSG.

 Gregor> Therefore, I asked on the JPython list about the implications and
 Gregor> intentions of this clause. I got responses from both Jim Hugunin and
 Gregor> Guido van Rossum. Both told me that the intention of the license is
 Gregor> clearly to make JPython Open Source compliant, and that they are aware 
 Gregor> of problems with 3.iii and are working to get rid of them.

 Gregor> Then, I asked Eric Raymond on his position. He proposed dropping that
 Gregor> notification requirement or at least including a clear statement on
 Gregor> how this requirement can be fulfilled (e.g. an e-mail address for
 Gregor> sending the notifications to).

 Gregor> Judging from the discussions with Guido et al, I would think that we
 Gregor> are completely safe if I add an statement to
 Gregor> /usr/doc/jpython/copyright where I refer people that they can fulfill
 Gregor> this requirement with sending a mail to jpython@python.org. Would this 
 Gregor> be acceptable ?

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