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Re: Debian too big? (Re: intent to package: gmt generic mapping tools)

>> 3: use bzip2 instead of gzip ? 
>This wont work:
>1) This would suck for people on 486s and 386 and those who are low on RAM
>bzip2 is a pig.

I don't think that base packages should be compressed with anything other
than gzip for the next few years at least.  But there are many large packages
that aren't required such as doc-rfc which will gain a lot from bzip2.  I
expect that if someone has a small machine then they are unlikely to want to
install a large package of documentation, and it's not something that you'll
install on a router.

>2) This is only a temporary solution. Even if it cuz the size of the
>archive in half (which it wont come anywhere near that), eventually
>we will come up to overflowing again. 

True.  We will save many people disk space and network bandwidth though.

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